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Planning Applications & EIA’s

The modern Planning system frequently requires a broad range of specialist subject areas. Halletec Environmental can undertake the full range of planning application services including those related to developments that require Environmental Impact Assessments, such as:

  • Pre-application planning advice.
  • Pre application consultation with Planning Authorities.
  • Pre application consultation with relevant Government agencies and other key stakeholders.
  • Preparation of Planning and supporting Environmental Statements.
  • Project Management of all specialist areas of the application including EIA’s.
  • Stakeholder and public consultations.
  • Applications to vary and update planning conditions.
  • Planning Appeals.

At the heart of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) is a requirement that all development should be sustainable. Key to demonstrating that sustainability is the assessment of impacts on the local environment. Halletec is experienced in the processes and procedures for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s).

Halletec also specialises in feasibility and viability of new developments that can often occur before the planning process.

We undertake Mineral Resource Assessments that may be required in applications for a non-mineral development that is proposed within a designated Mineral Safeguarding Area.